Rise & Shine Natural Wake-Up Alarm Clock


The Rise & Shine® Natural Wake-Up Light with a color changing LED light helps the body align circadian rhythms that regulate normal sleeping and waking patterns. Synchronized sleep and wake programs provide the body with cues to fall asleep naturally, sleep soundly and wake refreshed and revitalized.

  • Simulate natural sunrise/sunset with light that diminishes as you fall asleep and increases as you wake
  • Choose full spectrum white light or Calming Colors Illumination
  • You can fall asleep and wake up to a blend of 250 soothing colors or choose your favorite one


Rise & Shine® Natural Wake-Up Alarm Clock features:

  • Progressive Sleep & Wake Timers
  • Natural Spectrum & Calming Colors Light
  • FM Radio & Preset Soundscapes
  • Snooze Feature
  • Dimmable Display
  • 15 Lamp Brightness Levels
  • Battery Back-up (three AAA batteries not included)

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